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The Visitor Two hot blooded lesbian girls try to deal with the fact that their new roomie Krista doesn't know anything about fucking in style ! After a few angry encounters and lots of white flesh turning pink, Gwen and Ann jump to the chance of a hot encounter.
First Time Virgin college freshman Kevin gets into contact with his sexual side after he discovers that one of his class buddies, Greg. After an embarassing revelation Kevin and Greg have a lot of fun exploring each others' sexual inhibitions.
Stiff Nipples It's a total conspiracy !! They're taking over !! A hot blonde executive and a secretary talk about what pigs men are before delving into sexy lesbian lust. As an added bonus, big stapled nipples fight to take over the galaxy.
The Wedding Dress Frannie has plans to marry a man who's 'hung like a fucking horse' (her way of putting it), he pops the big question, bing bada boom she goes to buy a wedding dress and ends up taking part in a lesbian orgy !!!
The Seduction (Claire Series) Claire visits a lingerie store at the local mall and finds the experience just a little bit too enthralling. Once you get to know Claire in her stories you'll find out she's always having sex with someone no matter where she goes.
The Juice (Claire Series) Claire goes to the gym and couldn't keep her hands off the sexy brunette bodybuilder she finds sweating on one of the machines, she has her fun then goes home to think about what she did (I guess).
Lingerie Party (Claire Series) Remember the first story ? well she finally goes to the lingerie party where she finds a lot of sexy babes to play with, coincidentially she does show up late but that doesn't spoil the outcome of this story.
The Babysitter (Claire Series) YES !! now we're talking !! Claire, meet Becky the horniest babysitter in town, just the thought of the two alone is enough to make me wish I was there too, trust claire to fuck everything in sight !!!
The Switch (Claire Series) Claire's husband Frank finally shows up on the scene, no one tells him his wife's cheating on him everyday of the year of course but the important thing is he buys her a dutch vibrator and she goes to a cocktail party to play with it.
Close Shave (Claire Series) She has a few of her girlfriends over and you know how girls get drunk together, after a few glasses of wine she decides she wants to show her friends how she shaves her nether regions, luckily they do this in the bathroom.

Late Office Work (Jake series) - Jake is working late at the office, it's late in the evening and he doesn't know that Andry the secretary wants to share more than just coffee with him.

College Study Group (Jake series) - Another boring day in class leads Jake's lecturer to team him up with Susie on a class project. Jake didn't like Susie very much until he discovered she had a few special gifts.
Sex and Drugs (Jake series) - Home alone on a saturday could have been classified as boring until Jenny decides to show under the pretense of a few drinks and a movie, a fast move to heights of ecstacy.
Friendly Fire (Jake series) - Marina shows him that brunettes can be a lot of fun after her boyfriend dumps her, never the matter that she has a habit of undressing in front of him, their ensuing passion for each other starts a fire.

Whispers in Darkness (Jake series) - A depressing and half psychotic look at two peoples' encounter and exploration of each others' peculiarities as Jake meets Daisy in her lonely appartment.

First Date (Jake series) - He meets Tess, a slim athletic brunette, for a romantic dinner at his place taking pains to go to all the trouble, Tess finds the little tour of pleasures difficult on her sense of self control.
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